IRC4Fun celebrates 15 years on October 20th

General, Network
IRC4Fun is excited to celebrate 15 years of operation on October 20th, 2022!  We'll be celebrating in #IRC4Fun and giving out special 15th Celebration cloaks (vhosts) to registered users who ask for them; on Thursday October 20th, 2022.  (Example: JoeBob requests the celebration cloak and would receive one as: users/15-celeb/JoeBob) We hope to see you there! You can reach us at on port 6697 (SSL) or port 6667 (Plaintext).
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Services Web Panel has been disabled & removed

General, Services, Website
Services Web Panel News The IRC4Fun Services Web Panel (used by users to register & manage their nicknames and channels) has been disabled during a series of spambot attacks.  The spambots used the Web Panel to register nicknames in mass with fake email addresses. We've previously added anti-bot measures to the registration form, used by the Services Web Panel -- however, it was only effective 45% of the time. It has been decided that the Services Web Panel will not return, since it was just primarily used by the spambots. How to register Nickname and Channel registrations must be completed via IRC with the respective service bot (NickServ or ChanServ) For more information on registering a nickname, type: /NS HELP REGISTER For more information on registering a channel, type: /CS…
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tabb is resigning from (IRC)4Fun

General, Network, Services, Staff, United IRC Networks
We're very sad to announce that tabb will be retiring from IRC4Fun (and likely IRC in general).  tabb has been an IRC4Fun Administrator and sponsored many servers throughout most of IRC4Fun's lifetime.  He is a true friend, and we will miss him very much! This also means that some servers will soon be leaving as well, including (but not limited to),, and We're going to miss tabb and thank him for his many years of contributions to IRC4Fun and many other IRC networks!
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Follow the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on IRC4Fun

Channels, General
We have setup a channel, #Coronavirus, for users to keep up to date with on-going news, statistics and case numbers. News - News will be posted periodically Twitter Posts - Occasional tweets with information & news Statistics/Case Numbers - Periodically, statistics and case count numbers will be posted. You can also query to check your location by typing the following commands in the channel: Commands to check Statistics:
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