New AUTOJOIN: #Lobby

New (AUTO)JOIN: #Lobby

We’ve setup a new autojoin channel, called #Lobby.  This channel will act as an official lobby for the IRC4Fun network, allowing us to better assist and welcome new users; as well as to better effectively handle spam.  We’ll be monitoring #Lobby and making adjustments (where we can) to optimize the experience.

Why use an autojoin?

Newer IRC users often have trouble finding channels, let alone official-network channels or even using commands.  This autojoin channel allows us to better assist new users without overwhelming the new user with commands and instructions.

The #Lobby channel is also moderated (only @Staff can see un-identified users’ messages to the channel), allowing spam to be quickly identified and removed before it has the opportunity to hit other channels.

How can I be excluded?

If you do not like being automatically joined to #Lobby, please ask (politely) for one of the @Staff to make it stop. (They can add a channel ban for you, which will prevent you from being autojoined)