Servers & Staff

IRC4Fun has servers internationally to serve you better. We recommend using a server that is located nearest to you.

You can also connect to the round-robin, which will connect you to one of the servers listed below.


  • 6667: Traditional, Plaintext connections
  • 6697: SSL (Secure) connections (recommended)
LocationServer NamePortsIPv6SSLAdmin
Canada: Quebec apocalypse.IRC4Fun.net6667, 6697Yes Yes siniStar
UK: London applied.IRC4Fun.net6667, 6697Yes Yes giggsey
Netherlands blackhole.IRC4Fun.net6667, 6697Yes Yes tabb
Canada: Quebec coven.IRC4Fun.net6667, 6697No Yes siniStar
DE: Germany enode.IRC4Fun.net6667, 6697No Yes cna_
AU: Sydney kangaroo.IRC4Fun.net6667, 6697Yes Yes tabb
SG: Singapore odyssey.IRC4Fun.net6667, 6697No Yes marc



The following servers provide a service or services to the IRC4Fun network, but cannot be connected to by normal users:

Server NameServiceAdmin
channels2.IRC4Fun.netChanFix (Channel Fix & ReOp Service for channels without X)siniStar
CService-R.IRC4Fun.netIRC4Fun Channel Service (X)siniStar
EUHub.IRC4Fun.netEU Hubcna_
services.IRC4Fun.netIRC4Fun Channel Service (X)siniStar
UIN.IRC4Fun.netUnited IRC Networks (PyLink)siniStar, tabb
UShub.IRC4Fun.netUS Hubkatsklaw
Uworld.IRC4Fun.netIRC Operator ServicesiniStar
Uworld2.IRC4Fun.netIRC4Fun Security ServicesiniStar


Staff Directory

Nickname:Server(s):Team(s):E-mail: (oper) (oper)
CService@ (Admin)
Opers@ (admin) (admin)
Admins@ (admin)
Security@ (Coordinator) (oper) (oper)
CService@ (Admin)
Opers@ (admin) (oper) (oper)
CService@ (Admin)
[Michaud] (oper) (oper)
^PePsY^ (oper) (admin) (admin)
CService@ (Coordinator) (admin) (Admin) (admin)
CService@ (Senior Admin) (oper) (oper)