TOR is now allowed on IRC4Fun!

Network, Services
We're excited to announce that users may now connect to IRC4Fun using TOR (with SASL Authentication)! You will need to configure your IRC Client to use an SSL port (6697) as well as SASL Authentication. You will need to connect to IRC4Fun (not using TOR) to register your Nickname (account) with NickServ. You will need to use the NickServ CONFIRM command to verify your email address before you can use SASL Authentication. Channel Operator FAQs Q: How do I mute TOR users in my channel? A: You can type: /MODE #channel +b m:n:TOR Q: How do I ban TOR users from my channel? A: You can type: /MODE #channel +b n:TOR Q: Can I ban individual TOR users from my channel, instead of all TOR users? A: Yes. You can…
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Network, Routing, Staff is now a Full Link We neglected to post when (administered by Parrot) started it's testlink, but we're proud to welcome kds.* and Parrot to IRC4Fun as Fully Linked! #KnightDevils is the official channel for this server and it's administrator.
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Netsplits & Outages

Network, Routing, Services, Staff
If you were connected to IRC4Fun last night, you probably were wondering "WTF is going on?!" What happened? Due to an expired SSL certificate on our webserver and an ill-timed global rehash (to update our /HELPOP system) caused all servers to drop their configuration files, unload non-core modules, split from each other, and deny IRC operators access to operator-commands.  This means you probably saw a lot of strange messages about modes being set or unset in various channels and on yourself.  (Do not worry, everything is fixed as the network reconnects itself.) This lasted for about ~20 minutes, until siniStar gained access to each server and rehashed them manually, after also fixing the SSL issue affecting the website.  Each affected server has been fixed and relinked. We apologize for the…
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IRC4Fun celebrates 15 years on October 20th

General, Network
IRC4Fun is excited to celebrate 15 years of operation on October 20th, 2022!  We'll be celebrating in #IRC4Fun and giving out special 15th Celebration cloaks (vhosts) to registered users who ask for them; on Thursday October 20th, 2022.  (Example: JoeBob requests the celebration cloak and would receive one as: users/15-celeb/JoeBob) We hope to see you there! You can reach us at on port 6697 (SSL) or port 6667 (Plaintext).
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Services Web Panel has been disabled & removed

General, Services, Website
Services Web Panel News The IRC4Fun Services Web Panel (used by users to register & manage their nicknames and channels) has been disabled during a series of spambot attacks.  The spambots used the Web Panel to register nicknames in mass with fake email addresses. We've previously added anti-bot measures to the registration form, used by the Services Web Panel -- however, it was only effective 45% of the time. It has been decided that the Services Web Panel will not return, since it was just primarily used by the spambots.
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Discord4Fun (IRC4Fun’s Discord is BACK!)

Discord4Fun (IRC4Fun’s Discord is BACK!)

Discord, Network
We are excited to announce that the IRC4Fun Discord is now back and better than ever!  We've integrated (opt-in) IRC channels to their Discord channels on the Discord4Fun with the help of one of our newest Staff members, aDgors. If you have (or start) an IRC4Fun channel or Discord4Fun channel, and would like to have them linked (bridged), please see #IRC4Fun and let us know.  (You must be the channel's Founder as registered with ChanServ.  Channel ops under the Founder level cannot make the requests.) Many thanks to aDgors for setting up most of the Discord and channels!
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