New Features & Updates

New Features

 /LIST now shows channel modes in the response output, for each channel(Modes such as +k [key], will not display the key to users outside of the channel.)

New Extban (redirect): d:#TargetChannel:<hostmask>  OR  d:#TargetChannel:<extban> — which allows for redirecting users based on hostmask or extbans.

The new channel mode +V (blockhighlights) will remain available for channels to set, if they desire to use it. (Remember that there are no exemptions for channel ops, or even IRC4Fun Staff)

Updates (Spam waves)

Since the Spam Waves have stopped, IRC4Fun will stop automatically setting usermode +R on connecting users.  (If the spam waves return, IRC4Fun will re-apply usermode +R, automatically, to connecting users.)