On-going Spam Attacks #IRC4Fun #IRC

On-going Spam Bot Attacks are hitting almost all IRC Networks, relentlessly. We’ve had to enable counter measures and tighten some security measures.  We are pleased to announce that 99% of spam is G-lined before it ever gets to you or your channels on IRC4Fun. While these spam bots are not

August 2018 Newsletter

IRC4Fun Newsletter

      Hello, Friend   IRC4Fun News – August 2018 On-going spam attacks (aimed at all IRC networks) continue.  We recommend that channels who are still experiencing spam attacks to activate channel mode +r (Registered & Logged-In Users only).  You can also seek a Utility Bot in #IRC4Fun. (Please do not

On-going Spam Attacks

            Hello, Friend! IRC4Fun off-cycle News Update: IRC4Fun is currently (as are almost ALL existing IRC networks) a surge of spam and spam bots.  We have had to implement some security features (such as using Channel Mode +r [Registered & Logged In Users Only]) Channels that have

Channel being Abused, Flooded and/or Spammed? These can help!

This is a post reminding Channel Staff of some useful ways for fighting abuse, floods and spam. Lately, we’ve observed a slight increase in channel abuses (such as flooding or spamming); and we wanted to provide some advice for dealing with these annoyances.  IRC4Fun is setup in a fashion to

New DNS Blacklists in action – Abuse Prevention

We’ve activated additional DNS Blacklist scans in order to Prevent Abuse Due to recent waves of spambots and floods, we’ve added a few additional DNS Blacklists to our DNS Blacklist Checks (performed on users as they connect to IRC4Fun.) This will help to better safeguard users and channels on IRC4Fun

New Channel Mode (+G) [AntiSpam Mode]

[emc2alert type=”warning” style=”normal” position=”top” visible=”visible” closebtn=”0″ title=”HISTORICAL DOCUMENT” ]This information is very old and only kept for historical purposes. This mode and URL censor no longer exist.[/emc2alert] IRC4Fun has successfully implemented and tested the new Channel Mode (+G) that prevents URL and IRC network spam from ever showing to channel