Waves of Spam

IRC4Fun (like most other IRC networks, currently) is being hit by waves of spambots.

We’ve deployed additional abuse prevention measures and will continue to work to keep the network clean of these bots, however, some are still getting through.

There are additional ways that users and channels can protect themselves from the spam:


Users can commonly stop these annoying private messages by setting usermode +R (only registered users can Private Message you).  Type: /mode MyNick +R

You can also get a list of additional usermodes that may be helpful here.  Or on IRC by typing: /HELPOP umodes

As of July 5th, 2023 @ 10:10PM CST: IRC4Fun will begin setting usermode +R by default on connecting users until the waves of spam are handled.

This will help newer users (who are less familiar with user modes) to not receive Private Message spam.


Channels can add layers of protection against spam with channel modes.  Channel operators can set channel modes and can even /invite ozone (the IRC4Fun AntiSpam bot) into the channel.

Commonly helpful channel modes for channel operators during floods or spam:

/mode #Channel +R (Only Registered users may /JOIN)
/mode #Channel +M (Only Registered users may speak)
/mode #Channel +V (Kills users who highlight 5 or more users)
/mode #Channel +f *4:2 (Channel Flood kickban after 4 lines in 2 seconds)

You can also get a list of additional channel modes that may be helpful here.  Or on IRC by typing: /HELPOP chmodes

As of July 6th, 2023 @ 10:00PM CST: IRC4Fun will enable a Anti-MassHighlight channel mode: Channel Mode +V

We’ve enabled a new channel mode, +V, which (when set) will automatically disconnect users who Highlight 5 or more users in the channel.

Reporting Spam

Do NOT report spam in #IRC4Fun — as you may unintentionally trip the spam detection systems and end up disconnected.

Only report spam in #Help