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User Modes

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InspIRCd supports five types of mode:

Type Parameter when adding? Parameter when removing? Can be set multiple times? Description
Switch No No No Toggles the behaviour of a feature on a channel or user.
Parameter Yes No No Enables and configures the behaviour of a feature on a channel or user.
ParamBoth Yes Yes No The same as a Parameter mode only the parameter must be specified to remove it.
Prefix Yes; channel member nickname Yes; channel member nickname Yes; once per channel member Grants/revokes a status rank to the user specified in the parameter.
List Yes Yes Yes; up to the maximum list size Adds/removes entries from a list.


Core user modes are user modes which are always available. For details on the user modes provided by modules, see the modules section below.

Name Character Type Parameter Syntax Usable By Description
invisible i Switch None Anyone Marks the user as invisible.
oper o Switch None Server operators Marks the user as a server operator (can only be set by the server).
snomask s Parameter (+|-)<snomasks> Server operators Enables receiving the specified types of server operator notice.
wallops w Switch None Anyone Enables receiving /WALLOPS messages from server operators.

Example Usage

Enables snomasks l (LINK) and L (REMOTELINK) and disables snomask d (DEBUG):

/MODE YourNick +s +lL-d

Enables all available snomasks:

/MODE YourNick +s +*

Disables all enabled snomasks:

/MODE YourNick -s


Name Character Type Parameter Syntax Usable By Module
bot B Switch None Anyone botmode
deaf_commonchan c Switch None Anyone commonchans
deaf d Switch None Anyone deaf
privdeaf D Switch None Anyone deaf
callerid g Switch None Anyone callerid
u_censor G Switch None Anyone censor
hideoper H Switch None Server operators hideoper
helpop h Switch None Server operators helpop
hidechans I Switch None Anyone hidechans
servprotect k Switch None Servers servprotect
antiredirect L Switch None Anyone redirect
nohistory N Switch None Anyone chanhistory
override O Switch None Server operators override
regdeaf R Switch None Anyone services_account
u_registered r Switch None Anyone services_account
u_stripcolor S Switch None Anyone stripcolor
u_noctcp T Switch None Anyone noctcp
showwhois W Switch None Depends on <showwhois:opersonly> showwhois
cloak x Switch None Anyone cloaking
sslqueries z Switch None Anyone sslmodes


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