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#IRC4Fun Channel Rules

In order to maintain a comfortable, enjoyable, and fun experience for everyone; there are channel rules for IRC4Fun's official chat channel.  Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, however, that does not allow one's beliefs/opinions to justify making others' uncomfortable.  Please refer to the #IRC4Fun channel rules, as listed below:
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On IRC4Fun, users & even the network itself, can use "nice" bots -- in compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and run on servers which allow bots.  (Check each server's /MOTD to see their policy on whether bots are allowed or not.  Running bots [even nice ones] on non-bot servers can result in the bot(s) being K-Lined from the individual non-bot server.)
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How can I find Staff?

There are several ways to find IRC4Fun Staff members.  Here are some of the recommended methods...
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