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Connecting to IRC4Fun using TOR

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IRC4Fun now allows TOR connections

You will need to configure your IRC Client to use an SSL port (6697) as well as SASL Authentication.

How do I configure my IRC client for TOR?

This varies from IRC client, so be sure to check your IRC client’s documentation.

For HexChat users:

1) Open Tor Client (or TOR Browser)
2) In HexChat: Click Settings > Preferences
3) Click Network Setup
4) Set the hostname to 5) Set the port to the port your Tor client or Tor Browser is on (usually 9150) 6) Set the proxy type to SOCKS5 You're all done!

Channel Operator FAQs

Q: How do I mute TOR users in my channel?
A: You can type: /MODE #channel +b m:n:TOR

Q: How do I ban TOR users from my channel?
A: You can type: /MODE #channel +b n:TOR

Q: Can I ban individual TOR users from my channel, instead of all TOR users?
A: Yes. You can type: /MODE #channel +b *!*@users/Account   or  /MODE #channel +b R:Account

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