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#IRC4Fun Channel Rules

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#IRC4Fun – Official IRC4Fun Network Chat Channel – Rules

In order to maintain a comfortable, enjoyable, and fun experience for everyone; there are channel rules for IRC4Fun’s official chat channel.  Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, however, that does not allow one’s beliefs/opinions to justify making others’ uncomfortable.  Please refer to the #IRC4Fun channel rules, as listed below:


 How to treat others

  • Please treat other users as you would want to be treated.
  • Trolling or Harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Make friends — we’re a friendly bunch and we enjoy quality users over the quantity of users.
  • If you’re upsetting someone; stop it. (Or we may stop it, for you.)

 Politics / Religious Discussions

  • Political & Religious discussions should be held elsewhere (like #Politics or in Private).
  • Please remember to respect Freedom of ReligionIRC4Fun does.
  • Political discussions can become very heated, especially after recent years.  We encourage Political discussions amongst those who are interested in #Politics, but not in the channel.

 Obvious DON’T DO’s

  • No unsolicited advertisements for other IRC networks, websites, or online services; unless it is relevant to the conversation at hand.
  • No mass-highlighting nicknames, or mass-messaging users without permission.
  • Do NOT give out Personal Information such as phone numbers, addresses, or other personally identifiable information in the channel.  You probably should not do this in private, either — unless you are absolutely sure that you know and trust who you’re giving the information to.
  • Do not intentionally troll or harass users.
  • Do not have a bad attitude or outlook.

In some cases where a user’s connection is unstable, a Channel Operator (or bot) may issue a temporary channel ban.  This allows the user to troubleshoot their client or connection problem and fix it, while not screen-flooding everyone else in the channel.

Users banned due to unstable connections may contact a Channel Op from #IRC4Fun for an unban upon fixing the problem, or may contact Help @ to request the ban be lifted.

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