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How can I find Staff?

There are several ways to find IRC4Fun Staff members.  Here are some of the recommended methods...
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How do I hide my hostname or IP?

IRC4Fun offers hostmask/IP cloaking to both un-registered Guests as well as registered (and identified) users.  Guests are partially hidden or cloaked.  Registered users are given a full cloak (vhost).
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I cannot connect.. *-lined

If you are trying to connect to IRC4Fun, but are being told you are either A-Lined, K-Lined, G-Lined, GA-Lined, or Z-Lined; this guide explains why and how to go about appealing the ban.
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Why can’t I use my Nickname?

There may be cases where your Nickname is either in use or held by Services -- either of which can be resolved. (If you have registered your nickname with NickServ.) 
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