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How do I hide my hostname or IP?

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IRC4Fun’s Cloaks & VHosts

IRC4Fun offers hostmask/IP cloaking to both un-registered Guests as well as registered (and identified) users.  Guests are partially hidden or cloaked.  Registered users are given a full cloak (vhost).


By default, your hostname (or IP address) is partially hidden or cloaked.  It will look something like  This still can reveal your Internet Service Provider.

Registered & Identified Users

Registered (and identified) users will have a full cloak (VHost), which looks like users/AccountName


IRCplus’s TheLounge Client (Very effective)

TheLounge Screenshot
TheLounge Screenshot

IRCplus also offers an always connected, Web & Mobile IRC Client called TheLounge to it’s registered users for FREE!  Using this convenient client will hide your hostname and IP address behind our hostname.  (Your real hostname and IP would only be available to IRCplus staff.)

Our TheLounge client also allows you to never miss a thing in your channels or private messagesyou will always be connected to IRC4Fun!  You can use TheLounge in Desktop or Mobile browsers and always pick up where you left off.*

*Messages and Scrollback will be automatically deleted (even if you are not logged into your account) after they are 90 days old.


IRCplus’s ZNC Client (Very effective)


IRCplus also offers ZNC — an advanced IRC bouncer that is left connected so that an IRC client can connect/reconnect without losing their chat session.


Caveats / Warnings

  • By clicking links posted by users in channels or private messages, you will reveal your real hostname/IP address — only click on links that you trust, FROM users you trust.
  • Do not send emails to an address or user who you do not know or trust.  Your real hostname/IP address will be revealed in the email headers.
  • Be careful of information that you reveal.
  • Do not accept DCC File Transfers or DCC Chats from users you do not trust.
  • If you are under 13 years of age, you should NOT use IRC, IRCplus or IRC4Fun.



You can also use TOR on IRC4Fun (with SASL).

For more information, click here.

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