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Bots on IRC4Fun

On IRC4Fun, users & even the network itself, can use “nice” bots — in compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and run on servers which allow bots.  (Check each server’s /MOTD to see their policy on whether bots are allowed or not.  Running bots [even nice ones] on non-bot servers can result in the bot(s) being K-Lined from the individual non-bot server.)

Bots which are not considered “nice”, such as DoS/Botnet(s)/Flood/Spam/Mass-messaging/Mass-advertising/Mass-inviting bots are not allowed on any IRC4Fun server.  Any bots found to be fighting with modes or generally spamming the servers or service bots may be temporarily SHUN‘d or Z-lined.

Types of Bots

  • Regular Bots – Bots which are generally ran by users or channels for themselves or their channels.
  • Stats Bots – Bots which are generally OPT-IN by the IRC4Fun Administration to collect stats about channels and user counts for the network, usually used in IRC search engine indexes.  (These bots do not /JOIN any channels to fulfill their purpose.)
  • IRC4Fun Bots
    • Helper Bots – Bots which provide a variety of useful functions for both users and even channel operators in channels where they have been assigned by IRC4Fun Staff upon request.
    • Utility Bots – Bots which protect the network, channels & users from spam and other types of abuse.
      • Current Utility Bots: Countess, ozone
    • Service Bots – Official IRC4Fun IRC Services Bots for nickname registration, channel registration, cloaks / vhosts, memo delivery, and even botserv customization/settings, plus much more!
      • Current Service Bots: ChanServ, NickServ, MemoServ, BotServ, HostServ, OperServ

Can I register my bot with NickServ and get it a bots/ cloak?

Yes!  You may register with NickServ through your bot(s) and then register your bot with IRC4Fun staff.  Once we have validated the registration; the cloak will be set on the bot(s).

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