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IRC4Fun Bots: Oracle (Helper)

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IRC4Fun Bots: Oracle (Helper Bot)

On IRC4Fun, we run an officially recognized Helper Bot (nicknamed Oracle) for the network that helps to provide features, entertainment and even Channel Ban management in their channels.

Highlighted Benefits(s):

  1. Channel Ban or Quiet management — Oracle can ask @ops who set bans, how long the ban should last, and the reason (optional) for the ban.  If given the correct flags in ChanServ, Oracle can op and remove bans/quiets as they expire and will remove it’s own @op status until needed again.
  2. ~weather <location> command — Data provided by Darksky.
  3. ~urbandictionary term — Get the Urban Dictionary information on term

How to get Oracle in your channel:

  • Your channel must have 5 or more users in the channel at the time of this request.
  • Ask for Oracle in #Bots. (You must be the Founder of the channel to request Oracle.  If you want Oracle’s ban/quiet tracking to work properly, you must also give Oracle the +o flag within ChanServ: /cs flags #MyChannel Oracle +o
  • Oracle will deop itself when it does not need to be opped.  If you continue to op it, it will continue to deop itself.

Commands Available:

  • ~weather LOCATION
  • ~urbandictionary TERM

How to get rid of Oracle in your channel:

  • If you no longer need Oracle in your channel, you can either let us know in #Bots (while identified to your NickServ account) or you may simply kick&ban Oracle from the channel: /cs ban #MyChannel +expiry Oracle Thanks for the help!

Comments / Help / Questions / Support:

  • For comments, help, questions, or support — please ask in #Bots.
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