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IRC4Fun Bots: ozone (Abuse Prevention)

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IRC4Fun Bots: ozone (Abuse Prevention Utility Bot)

On IRC4Fun, we run an officially recognized Utility Bot (nicknamed ozone) for the network that helps to prevent various types of abuse.

Types of Abuse(s):

  1. Flooding
  2. Spam or Mass Advertising
  3. Unstable clients/connections
  4. Repeated text
  5. Nick-change floods

ozone handles these abuses with a network “hammer” .  In most cases, it will warn before acting; continued abuse(s) will result in a network-wide ban .

How to get ozone in your channel:

  • Your channel must have 5 or more users in the channel at the time of this request.
  • Invite ozone into your channel: /INVITE ozone #MyChannel
  • You can op ozone in your channel, or give it the AUTOOP flag (though it is not required; unless your channel is set to +U [op moderation mode]) with: /CS FLAGS #MyChannel ozone +O

Commands Available:

  • /msg ozone ungline <nickname>  (Must be issued by channel operator in the channel where a user “accidentally” got G-lined.)

How to get rid of ozone in your channel:

  • If you no longer need ozone in your channel, you can either let us know in #Bots (while identified to your NickServ account) or you may simply kick ozone from the channel: /kick #MyChannel ozone Thanks for the help!

Comments / Help / Questions / Support:

  • For comments, help, questions, or support — please ask in #Bots.


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