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On-going Spam Attacks #IRC4Fun #IRC

On-going Spam Bot Attacks are hitting almost all IRC Networks, relentlessly. We’ve had to enable counter measures and tighten some security measures.  We are pleased to announce that 99% of spam is G-lined before it ever gets to you or your channels on IRC4Fun. While these spam bots are not

Owner Mode (~Nick) is BACK as +y

IRC4Fun Channels

We’re thrilled to announce (a bit early) that the Channel Owner (~Nick) mode is back! (as +y) We were going to keep this a secret until closer to IRC4Fun’s Birthday (October 20th), but due to popular request we’ve added it early!  The “Owner” channel mode is back, by popular request. 

Channel being Abused, Flooded and/or Spammed? These can help!

This is a post reminding Channel Staff of some useful ways for fighting abuse, floods and spam. Lately, we’ve observed a slight increase in channel abuses (such as flooding or spamming); and we wanted to provide some advice for dealing with these annoyances.  IRC4Fun is setup in a fashion to

New Channel Mode: +g

IRC4Fun Channels

New Channel Mode for Channel Operators to manage their own Channel-Filters! We’re excited to announce a new Channel Mode that will allow Channel Operators to block certain words or phrases from being said in their channels!  With the new Channel Mode +g <badword?goes?here*>, Channel Operators can block spam/objectionable messages before

New Guide and Help against Channel Floods

First, we should note that there has not been a rise in channel floods or spamming, but we wanted to be proactive and create documentation for our users. If your channel is getting flooded a lot, there are several things you can do.  (Set channel modes that will curb floods/spam,

+q (Owner) / +a (Protected) are BACK!

We’ve decided to re-activate the 2 Channel Modes that were previously not available when we returned to Unreal IRCd. +a designates a Channel User as a Protected User (thus they cannot be kicked, banned, or deop’d by lower level +o Operators). +q designates a Channel User as a Channel Founder