kds.IRC4Fun.net passes into Full Link!

Network, Routing, Staff
kds.IRC4Fun.net is now a Full Link We neglected to post when kds.IRC4Fun.net (administered by Parrot) started it's testlink, but we're proud to welcome kds.* and Parrot to IRC4Fun as Fully Linked! #KnightDevils is the official channel for this server and it's administrator. UPDATE: kds.IRC4Fun.net has been renamed to darkArmy.IRC4Fun.net
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Netsplits & Outages

Network, Routing, Services, Staff
If you were connected to IRC4Fun last night, you probably were wondering "WTF is going on?!" What happened? Due to an expired SSL certificate on our webserver and an ill-timed global rehash (to update our /HELPOP system) caused all servers to drop their configuration files, unload non-core modules, split from each other, and deny IRC operators access to operator-commands.  This means you probably saw a lot of strange messages about modes being set or unset in various channels and on yourself.  (Do not worry, everything is fixed as the network reconnects itself.) This lasted for about ~20 minutes, until siniStar gained access to each server and rehashed them manually, after also fixing the SSL issue affecting the website.  Each affected server has been fixed and relinked. We apologize for the…
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