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Cloaks – Guidelines

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Cloaks Guidelines

Cloaks are generally “fixed” or not customizable.  (Such as users/Accountname)

There are exceptions, however:

  • Channels, Groups & Projects (channels/channel-name/rank/Accountname, Group/position/Accountname, Project/position/Accountname)
  • Staff (IRC4Fun/staff/Accountname)
  • Alumni Staff (IRC4Fun/staff-alumni/Accountname)
  • Special Events (sweet16/Accountname)
  • VIP Users (vip-users/Accountname *This is given to users who were around in IRC4Fun’s early days, and/or before IRC4Fun existed as an IRC network and was instead a Channel on a now defunct IRC network.

The reason for this is to provide consistency, show affiliation (or lack of), and to prevent generally dis-tasteful or offensive hostnames.

When is it okay to change a user’s cloak?

Generally, a user’s cloak should not be changed more than once per 90+ days.

In cases where a user is promoted to Staff/removed from Staff, –OR– when a user’s rank/position has changed in a channel/group/project and we’ve been notified of the request, we will honor those changes despite the 90 day timeframes.

In special events, users generally qualify for the special event’s cloak change despite the 90 day timeframe.  (Users will not be able to request the cloak be changed or reset to a users/Accountname cloak for at least 90 days after the special event, however.)

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