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ZED10 – X-Lines Info Bot

ZED10 is an IRC4Fun X-Lines information bot, limited to IRC4Fun Staff.

What does it do?

ZED10 keeps track of all X-lines that are issued either automatically or manually.  It then warns IRC Operators about repeated X-lines, helping to identify patterns.

As of 5/21/2023, ZED10 can warn about connecting users who match previous Z-lines. (This is currently only effective with Z-Line matches, not G-Lines YET)

X-lines include:

A-Lines (Local server SASL-bypassable K-lines)
E-Lines (Exemption lines - Can connect through a ban [any X-lines])
G-Lines (Global network bans)
GA-Lines (Global network SASL-bypassable G-lines) 
K-Lines (Local server bans)
Q-Lines (Nickname bans/JUPEs)
Z-Lines (Global network IP bans [more efficient than G-lines])


  1. ZED10 watches X-line snotices.
  2. Any X-lines added directly to an IRCd’s conf file will not be tracked or observed.  (X-lines are generally not added this way, anyway)
  3. If ZED10 is on a split server, X-lines will not be sync’d until the netsplit is resolved; at which time ZED10 will process any that it was unable to previously see.

Does it issue X-lines?

No.  ZED10 cannot set (or re-set) any X-lines.  It only tracks the addition of them and informs upon matches of connecting users.

Recent Changelog:

07/10/23: ZED10 will now detect DNSBL Waves and activate a DEFCON mode (chanmodes +VU) for 10 Minutes, unless it detects that the DNSBL wave is still in progress; in which case it will begin checking in minute sequences when it's safe to unset DEFCON.
05/21/2023: Functionality added that allows ZED10 to watch Connects from Staff channel and alerting Staff upon a connecting user who matches a previous (Z)line. (This functionality is currently limited to Z-line matches, only.)
05/14/2023: DNSBL X-lines (currently limited to DroneBL) will now be suppressed from #opers and will output only to #ZED10.debug to decrease noise in #opers. (Staff are welcome to join #ZED10.debug if they would like to.)
04/28/2023: Commands completed: BANINFO, BANSEARCH, HELP
04/27/2023: Staff added to ZED10 via hostmask (cloaks)
04/27/2023: Basic functions added

Planned Updates:

[x] - Enable protective modes on official channel(s) upon detection of DNSBL Waves. (Generally, XX DNSBL hits within XX duration.)
[ ] - Expand the ALERT functionality to warn about connecting users who match previous G-lines, etc beyond just Z-lines.
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