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Frequently Asked Questions

Discord4Fun is IRC4Fun’s official Discord server, and has been bridged with IRC4Fun (IRC).  This allows users of both platforms to seamlessly connect to each other and share (opt-in) channels of interest.  Bridged Discord users have a _D appended to the end of their nickname on IRC(4Fun).


Q: How can I tell if a user on IRC is also on Discord?
A: The user's nickname will have a _D at the end of their nickname.
Q: Can Discord users play IRC games or use IRC bots? 
A: Discord users can use IRC bots and even participate in IRC game channels!  Our Discord4Fun<->IRC4Fun bridge makes Discord users appear online in the linked (participating) channels, allowing them to take part in these channels as IRC users can.
Q: What if I do not want Discord4Fun users in my channel? 
A: Only channels where the Channel Founder has OPT-IN to having their IRC channel linked to their Discord channel on Discord4Fun will be participating.
Q: How can I OPT-IN to get my IRC channel and Discord4Fun channel linked? 
A: You may submit a request via our HelpDesk to get your channel(s) linked and the Discord channel(s) created.   You must be the Founder (as listed by ChanServ) to OPT-IN and request your channel(s) be linked and/or created on the Discord.
Q: Can Discord users register with IRC4Fun Services from IRC or the WWW? 
A: Discord users will be unable to register their nicknames via IRC with NickServ.  This is due to a problem with the Discord pseudo-clients and the bridge itself, not properly sharing Private Messages.  Discord users are welcome to register their nickname (without the _D in it) with NickServ using our webchat or can even register via our WebPanel at .

IRC Channel Operators

Q: How can I ban/mute/kick a Discord user from my channel(s)? 
A: Each Discord user's IP address is unique (based on their Discord userid's). You can add the appropriate bans/mutes on the Discord user's hostmask and kick if desired. (Example hostmask: *!*@IRC4Fun-vq158m.cq8u.krmu.f5f5.fd75.IP)

IRC4Fun Staff

Q: How can I ban a Discord user from the network? 
A: Each Discord user's IP address is unique (based on their Discord userid's). You can add the appropriate ban on the Discord user's IPv6 hostmask. (Example hostmask: *@fd75:f5f5:226f:1:dx2:9b5e:e212:5p)
 Do NOT ban the IPv4 address(es) - It will ban everyone on the bridge! 


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