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How to SET or UNSET User (Account) Options & Features

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How to turn on/off Channel Options, Features & Settings

Syntax: SET option parameters
Allows the nickname (account) owner to set various user options and other information.

Available options:

  SET AUTOOP Sets whether services should set channel status modes on you automatically.
  SET DISPLAY Set the display of your group in Services
  SET EMAIL Associate an E-mail address with your nickname
  SET FACEBOOK Associate a Facebook URL with your account
  SET GREET Associate a greet message with your nickname
  SET HIDE Hide certain pieces of nickname information
  SET KEEPMODES Enable or disable keep modes
  SET KILL Turn protection on or off
  SET LANGUAGE Set the language Services will use when messaging you
  SET PASSWORD Set your nickname password
  SET PRIVATE Prevent the nickname from appearing in the LIST command
  SET SECURE Turn nickname security on or off
  SET TWITTER Associate a Twitter account with your account
  SET URL Associate a URL with your account
Type /msg NickServ HELP SET option for more information on a particular option.
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