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NickServ Commands

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NickServ allows you to register a nickname and prevent others from using it. The following commands allow for registration and maintenance of nicknames; to use them, type /msg NickServ command.
For more information on a specific command, type /msg NickServ HELP command.

ACCESS Modify the list of authorized addresses
AJOIN Manage your auto join list
ALIST List channels you have access on
CERT Modify the nickname client certificate list
CONFIRM Confirm a passcode
DROP Cancel the registration of a nickname
GHOST Regains control of your nick
GLIST Lists all nicknames in your group
GROUP Join a group
HELP Displays this list and give information about commands
IDENTIFY Identify yourself with your password
INFO Displays information about a given nickname
LIST List all registered nicknames that match a given pattern
LOGOUT Reverses the effect of the IDENTIFY command
RECOVER Regains control of your nick
REGISTER Register a nickname
RELEASE Regains control of your nick
RESEND Resend registration confirmation email
RESETPASS Helps you reset lost passwords
SET Set options, including kill protection
STATUS Returns the owner status of the given nickname
UNGROUP Remove a nick from a group
UPDATE Updates your current status, i.e. it checks for new memos

Accounts that are not used anymore are subject to the automatic expiration, i.e. they will be deleted after 365 days if not used.

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