We’ve released our first YouTube video!

We’ve released our first YouTube video; a Tutorial and Guide to IRC We’re excited to announce that we’ve released our first IRC4Fun YouTube video that explains what IRC is, how to get on IRC, how to do things on IRC, what is X or CService, IRC rumors, and more! If

Add WebChat, Links, Buttons to your site!

Adding Web Chat to your site, or links, etc.  is now even easier! We’ve unveiled a new page for Channel Founders or users to use to be able to implant Web Chat iframes, buttons, text-links and more; to be able to use on their own websites to generate more users

NEW Pirates Game in #Chat (NOW OPEN!)

We’re pleased to announce that you can now play the Pirates Game in #Chat! We’re excited to announce that #Chat has been chosen to be the Pirates Game Channel.  Please feel free to /join #Chat and play! You will probably want to visit for more information about the Game, how

Recommended Channels

We’ve compiled a list of our most active channels that are geared towards individual interests in order to help New or visiting users better enjoy their chatting/gaming experiences. Channels wishing to be added should contact siniStar for more information. Click Here to view the Recommended Channels page.


New server janus.* test-linked to IRC4Fun.  This will be IRC4Fun’s first official link, and will be quite beneficial to IRC4Fun users and to other networks and their guests alike. You can /join #LinkChat to chat with users from different networks that are participating in this Janus link.  (There is usually