IRC4Fun’s TheLounge Networks

IRC4Fun’s TheLounge Networks

IRC4Fun is supported by the following networks:  (Meaning that access for additional connections has been configured/allowed)

We hope to add additional networks as requested (if the networks accept requests for additional access) and as we are approached by representatives of networks.

Network: IRC Server Address(es): Contact:


  • 6667 Plaintext
  • 6697 SSL (recommended)
Help @

TheLounge.Staff @

Configure your Network for IRC4Fun’s TheLounge clients

IRC4Fun’s TheLounge uses the IPv4 address  and the IPv6 address 2607:5300:201:3100::92a1

 We’re currently working on fixing an issue with identd on our TheLounge server.  This should be fixed soon.  (In the meantime, reporting abuse will still allow us to quickly identify and suspend / remove abusive accounts