IRC4Fun’s SSL Certificates

Upgrade to IRC4Fun’s IRC Server SSL Certificates

We will be moving all IRC4Fun servers towards using wildcard certificates — instead of a certificate for the server-name.

This will improve connecting to IRC4Fun without (some) clients complaining about hostname validation errors, and will prevent some IRC4Fun servers from having their certificates expire.

Update (5/3/2022):

All wildcard SSL certificates have been successfully installed and setup.  Your IRC4Fun experience is now enhanced! 🙂

IRC4Fun's TheLounge has become IRCplus+ TheLounge

TheLounge users: Please update your browsers (or PWAs) to the new TheLounge address:

Have questions or need support with these changes?  Please /join #TheLounge (click here to use our KiwiIRC webchat)

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!  -siniStar