Discord4Fun (IRC4Fun’s Discord is BACK!)

We are excited to announce that the IRC4Fun Discord is now back and better than ever!  We’ve integrated (opt-in) IRC channels to their Discord channels on the Discord4Fun with the help of one of our newest Staff members, aDgors.

If you have (or start) an IRC4Fun channel or Discord4Fun channel, and would like to have them linked (bridged), please see #IRC4Fun and let us know.  (You must be the channel’s Founder as registered with ChanServ.  Channel ops under the Founder level cannot make the requests.)

Many thanks to aDgors for setting up most of the Discord and channels!

IRC4Fun's TheLounge has become IRCplus+ TheLounge

TheLounge users: Please update your browsers (or PWAs) to the new TheLounge address: https://Plus.IRC4Fun.net/

Have questions or need support with these changes?  Please /join #TheLounge (click here to use our KiwiIRC webchat)

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!  -siniStar