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Channel Service Committee – Activity Checks

In situations where active channels have Channel Managers (or “Channel Founders” / user with access 500) that have not logged into X for nearly 60 days; X will begin to “warn” the channel that it is about to go into Voting Mode.  Channels will begin going into “Voting Mode” when the Channel Manager’s LAST SEEN time indicated by X reaches 45 days or more.

During Voting Mode, X will change the channel topic; informing users that the channel is in or about to go into Voting Mode.  X will also change the WELCOME message sent to users as they join, warning the Channel Manager to login before hitting 60 days of last login.

Users on the access list (if any) will be allowed to cast a Vote during this time.  If the Channel Manager logs into X before 60 days, the channel will be reviewed by a CService Representative and the warnings will change or revert to normal.

*Channels that go into “Voting Mode” more than twice; even if cancelled by the Channel Manager logging in before 60 days, CService can make a decision whether to honor the vote or keep the current Channel Manager in place.  (Typically, Channel Managers are given two chances to maintain their channel — however, we DO expect Channel Managers to be active in their channel, and logging into X.)

   Vote For a New Channel Manager

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There are many benefits to registering a Username (or “account”) on X:

  1. You can enable a Hidden Host by setting usermode +x (/mode MyNick +x) so that your Hostname/IP are not visible to others and are instead replaced with
  2. You can join channels that only allow registered and logged in users (channel mode +r)
  3. You can be given access on registered channels
  4. You can register your own channel
  5. You can send a NOTE to other registered users (like a Memo)
  6. You can send Private Messages to users who only see messages from Registered users
  7. Since nicknames are not “owned”, you can see who a user is logged in as; with a /WHOIS Nickname or /msg X verify Nickname
  8. It’s FREE & Easy!
  • EU Users: You must be 16 years of age, or older to register an account on X.
  • US Users: You must be 13 years of age, or older to register an account on X.
  • You must provide a valid email address.

To register a Username (or “account”) on X, type: /msg X HELLO Username

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No.  X can tell how many lines of text a user is sending to the channel, and if FLOODPRO (Flood Protection) is enabled, it can react on abuses of it’s custom-set options.

X does not log channel conversations, nor does it monitor them for content or clarity.  IRC is an un-moderated medium of communication.

(Keep in mind that IRC4Fun does not “police” channels or users.  We can only enforce our Policies.  We do not believe in any type of “spy” abilities – plus this is illegal in some countries/jurisdictions)

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Nicknames are not “owned” or “registered” on IRC4Fun.

You can register a Username (or “account”) on X; if you use a valid email address and meet age requirements.  This username is how X tracks your access to channels, and how your hidden host (usermode +x) can be activated.  You must login to X before being able to set usermode +x, or using access you may have on channels.  Once a user has logged into X, a /WHOIS of the user will show who they are logged in as.

To register an account:

  • EU Users: You must be 16 years of age, or older.
  • US Users: You must be 13 years of age, or older.
  • You must utilize a valid email address.
  • Your registration of a username (or “account”) does not mean you “own” the matching nickname – again: registration of Nicknames is not available.
To register a Username (or "account"), type: /msg X HELLO Username
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You can register your Username (or “account”) with the following conditions and command:

  • EU Users must be 16 years of age, or older to register a Username (or “account”)
  • US Users must be 13 years of age, or older to register a Username (or “account”)
  • Registering a Username (or “account”) does not mean you “own” a nickname.  Nicknames are on a first-come, first-served basis.  Nickname registration is not available on IRC4Fun.
To register an account, type on IRC4Fun: /msg X HELLO Username


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There are several ways that you can login to X, but the method that works for you will depend on your IRC clientMost support all of the below methods:

  1. /msg LOGIN Username Password
  2. /CS LOGIN Username Password
  3. /NS LOGIN Username Password
  4. /X LOGIN Username Password
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To get HELP information on a specific command, use:

/msg X help COMMAND

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To get a list of commands available to you, you can use the SHOWCOMMANDS command (optionally with a channel name provided)

Type: /msg X SHOWCOMMANDS [#channel] (without the []’s)    –or–


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Yes!  X can talk to you in a variety of languages:

  • XXLanguage
  • EN – English
  • ES – Spanish
  • FR – French
  • DE – German
  • IL – Hebrew
  • HU – Hungarian
  • IT – Italian
  • NO – Norsk
  • PT – Portuguese
  • RO – Romanian
  • TR – Turkce
  • AR – Arabic
  • CA – Catalan
  • CH – Christmas (Festive)
  • EA – Easter (Festive)
  • SW – Star Wars (Fans)

To set your preferred language, you need to have registered a Username on X and will need to be logged in, then type: /msg X set LANG

(Example: /msg X set LANG FR) – Sets your preferred language for X to communicate with you as French.

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If you set your MAXLOGINS to a value between 2-3; yes.

Initially, Usernames are set to MAXLOGINS = 1, upon registration.  The user has the ability to change this at any time.

To set your MAXLOGINS to a value between 1-3:

/msg X set MAXLOGINS 3


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