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If you have 450+ access to a channel registered with X, you can change or SET specific channel settings.  If you have 500 access to a channel registered with X, you can change or SET even more specific channel settings!

Level 450 Channel Settings:

  • ALWAYSOP (ON/OFF) – When set, X will always auto-op itself when joining your channel.
  • AUTOTOPIC (ON/OFF) – When set, X will always refresh the topic to the channel’s DESCRIPTION & URL as long as the channel is active, or in the event that X splits or restarts.
  • DESC (Description of the Channel) – Sets the Description of the channel.  This Description will also be used by X if AUTOTOPIC is ON, in the channel topic.
  • FLOATLIM (ON/OFF) – When set, X will maintain a “dynamic limit” on the channel to prevent floodbots.  (See also SET FLOATMGN, FLOATPRD, FLOATGRC, FLOATMAX)
  • FLOODPRO (ON/KICK/BAN) – When set, X will use the set method to deal with users who activate Flood Protection on the channel.
  • KEYWORDS (Keywords) – Sets key words for your channel, which can be used to search for channels when the SEARCH command is enabled.
  • MODE – This command tells X to save the currently set channel modes and re-apply them should they get lost due to a split or restart of X.
  • NOVOICE (ON/OFF) – When ON, X will not allow anyone on the channel to be voiced.
  • USERFLAGS (VOICE/OP) – When set, X will apply AUTOMODE VOICE or AUTOMODE OP to newly added users.
  • WELCOME (Message goes here) – When set, X will notice users joining the channel with the set WELCOME message.

Level 500 Channel Settings:

  • AUTOJOIN (ON/OFF) – When set, X will automatically join the channel when rejoining from a netsplit or restart.
  • MASSDEOPPRO (0-7) – When set, X will punish any op who deops more than the set number.  The user will be suspended for 5 minutes, and added to X’s ban list at level 25 (so they cannot re-op until unbanned via X)
  • OPLOG (ON/OFF) – When set to ON, X will be more verbose about X-command usage to ops on a channel.
  • NOOP (ON/OFF) – When set to ON, only X will be allowed to be opped on the channel, and all operator commands must be performed through X.
  • STRICTOP (ON/OFF) – When set to ON, only users on X’s access list (with sufficient access) will be allowed to be opped on the channel.

To set a setting (as listed above), type: /msg X set #channel

(Example: /msg X set #IRC4Fun STRICTOP ON)

(Example: /msg X set #IRC4Fun WELCOME Hello, and welcome to our channel)

(Example: /msg X set #IRC4Fun WELCOME(Unsets the WELCOME message)

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