Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and GDPR-

On IRC4Fun, we want to ensure users are aware of what data is available by using our websites, servers and or Channel Service (X).

  1. Your IP / Hostname (PUBLIC) – When connecting to IRC4Fun, your IP address (and hostname if available) will be visible to other users. If you have an account on X and are logged in, you can set /mode MyNickname +x to activate a “Hidden Host” which will show in the form of (NOTE: This does not make it impossible for other users to still gain your IP address or hostname through other means. If you desire to hide your real IP or hostname, you should invest and use a VPS, VPN, or ZNC service.) Your IP address will also be privately available to IRC4Fun Staff (and yourself) via WHOIS and X.
  2. Your “Real Name” (PUBLIC) – When you provide a name in the “Real Name” portion of your IRC Client, this name will be available to other users. We do not advise giving your real full name, however we cannot choose what “Real Name”‘s that users provide.
  3. Your Email Address (NOT PUBLIC) – If your IRC Client has a “email” field, we advise to not use a real email address. Use the first portion of your email address at most. (e.g. UserABC@) When you register an account with X, your email address is not provided to other users. Only IRC4Fun Staff and yourself will be able to see your email address on your account. IRC4Fun will only use your email address to contact you regarding News and Service Announcements. We will not share or sell your email address to any parties. We value Privacy as much as you do!
  4. Your X Password (NOT PUBLIC) – Your password used with your account on X is encrypted. IRC4Fun Staff cannot reveal or see it. If the password is lost, the password must be reset by IRC4Fun Staff, or the account will expire according to the Services Guidelines.
  5. IRC4Fun Websites will log IP addresses (NOT PUBLIC) IP addresses of users visiting or using the IRC4Fun websites is logged. This information is automatically purged every 30 days and is not available to the general public. We do not use that information to identify users — it is used only to track and or fix bugs within the website(s). IP addresses may also be released to Law Enforcement in instances of DDoS actions towards any IRC4Fun servers, services or websites.
  6. Due to US COPPA Laws; Users in the United States must be 13 or older to register with X.
  7. Due to EU Laws; Users in the EU must be 16 or older to register with X.
  8. General Data Protection Regulation policies are in place: Compliance Policy, Data Classification, Intrusion Detection Policy.
  9. In the event of any breaches: IRC4Fun will notify users immediately through the most appropriate or available means. (Email, on IRC, Websites, etc.) We will also provide recommendations on what to do (change your password[s]) and what information may have been obtained. We do monitor our servers closely for any unexpected behavior or anomalies.


The administration of the IRC4Fun does not log or monitor any traffic that may pass through their servers for content or clarity. By retaining a connection to any part of IRC4Fun, you state that you know and are willing to comply and accept these as well as any future terms of service, network policies, and user guidelines. No responsibility for computer damage, data loss, or any other related damage shall be implied by any IRC4Fun server administrator. By using any IRC4Fun server, you hereby state and agree that you release the IRC4Fun, its servers, administrators, operators, and any other volunteer of the IRC4Fun from all responsibility or legal liability which might result from your use of IRC4Fun servers.


Last Updated: 05/17/2018