I cannot connect, it says I’m G-lined: DNSBL Match

In order to prevent abuse (such as: flooding, mass advertising and spamming), IRC4Fun checks connecting users against DroneBL and EFnetRBL(Most IRC networks also check connecting users against these [and other] blacklist services to prevent abuse, and have done so since the early 2000’s.) 

Users connecting from IP addresses listed in either abuse prevention service will be automatically G-lined (banned from the network) for 24 hours.

How can I fix whatever the problem is, so I can connect?

The automated G-line on IRC4Fun will expire in 24 hours, however it will be automatically re-applied unless you request removal from either DroneBL or EFnetRBL.

  1. You will need to check whether you are listed in DroneBL or EFnetRBL and request removal.
  2. Once you are no longer listed, you will be able to connect.