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Add or Remove a bot from your channel


ASSIGN channel nick
Assigns a bot pointed out by nick to a channel. You can then configure the bot for the channel so it fits your needs.
UNASSIGN channel
Unassigns a bot from a channel. When you use this command, the bot won’t join the channel anymore. However, bot configuration for the channel is kept, so you will always be able to reassign a bot later without having to reconfigure it entirely.
SET NOBOT channel {ON|OFF}
This option makes a channel be unassignable. If a bot is already assigned to the channel, it is unassigned automatically when you enable the option. NOTE: Access to this command requires the permission botserv/set/nobot to be present in your opertype.


/msg BotServ ASSIGN #myChannel FredBot

/msg BotServ UNASSIGN #myOtherChannel

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