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How do I IDENTIFY myself with NickServ?

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Identifying yourself with NickServ

You’ll need to log in to your account each time you connect to IRC4Fun.

Did you know that you can setup automatic identification to Services?  It takes much of the hassle out, and automatically applies your cloak upon connection.  See our Using SASL guides for more information.

The simplest, and most efficient, way to do this is to configure SASL, if your client supports it.

If not, you can supply your login details, in the form <account>:<password>, as a server password and they will be forwarded to NickServ when you finish connecting. For example:

/connect 6667 YourNick:YourPassword

If you are already connected to the network and do not wish to reconnect to log in, you can manually identify:

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY YourNick YourPassword

You can manually identify using a secure alias (shortcut):

/NS IDENTIFY YourNick YourPassword

Certificate Fingerprints

If you connect to IRC4Fun using SSL and have your irc client setup with a TLS certificate, you can have Services recognize you automatically as an alternative to password based authentication.

Add your fingerprint to NickServ

You can then check whether you have a fingerprint by using /WHOIS on yourself:

/WHOIS YourOwnNick
YourOwnNick has TLS (SSL) client certificate fingerprint 959c0bdfa9877d3466c5848f55264f72f132c657b002b79fda65dbe36c67f4bb3d2a3e2e9925cb5896a53c76169c5bb71b7853bd90192068dc77f4b20159a1d8

To allow NickServ to recognize you based on your certificate, you need to add the fingerprint to your account (you will need to log in by other means in order to do so).

You can then authorize your current certificate fingerprint:

/msg NickServ CERT ADD

In the future, any connections you make to IRC4Fun with your certificate will be logged into your account automatically.

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