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Sigyn: Abuse Prevention Utilitybot

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 Sigyn has been retired-

Now that IRC4Fun has migrated to InspIRCd3 for it’s IRCd software and Anope for it’s services software, all of Sigyn’s functions are now able to be used by Channel Operators with a combination of:

Please /JOIN #Help for assistance with combating Spam and Flood attacks with the above modes and or bans.

What is Sigyn & what does it do?

Sigyn is IRC4Fun’s Abuse Prevention utility-bot.  She guards the IRC4Fun network and (OPT-IN) channels from various forms of abuse, such as: flooding & spamming.

Sigyn works by detecting these abuses on the channels she is on and forcibly disconnects the abusive user(s) and G-lining them from the network.

How do I get Sigyn in my channel?

You can ask Sigyn to join your channel by inviting her to your channel. (/INVITE Sigyn #MyChannel)  Sigyn does not need ops (@).

Your channel should maintain at least 5 users, otherwise Sigyn may leave the channel.  Channels that have previously requested Sigyn and then kicked her will require Staff approval — to prevent abusive requests.

If you no longer require or want Sigyn in your channel, simply /kick her out.

How do I report spam?

You should report spam to an available IRC Operator in #IRC4Fun by Private Message, once they have given you the “okay” to do so.  DO NOT PASTE SPAM IN CHANNELS.

One of my users got banned by Sigyn – what can be done?

Channel Operators who witness innocent users getting disconnected by Sigyn should inquire in #IRC4Fun as to whether the G-line can be removed.  In cases where IRC4Fun Staff observe intentional abuse, the G-lines will not be removed earlier than their original expiration.

How do I make Sigyn leave my channel?

If you no longer require or want Sigyn in your channel, simply /kick her out of the channel.

What commands are available to me?

At this time, there are no commands available to users.  (This is planned to change in the future.)

Why did Sigyn leave my channel?

If Sigyn left your channel, it was because:

  • Channel had less than 5 users during Sigyn’s automated cleanup. (Happens monthly)
  • Channel content causes false-positives (such as Game channels, channels with Relay bots, etc)
  • Channel is set to secret (channel mode +s) or private (channel mode +p) on a constant basis. (Channels with these modes set cannot be found and thus do not need Sigyn)
  • Channel was removed from Sigyn by IRC4Fun Staff and forbidden from returning. (Due to abuse)

Is this the same Sigyn as seen on other networks?

No, this Sigyn is different.  This Sigyn has been customized for IRC4Fun and our ircu server software.


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