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How to SET or UNSET Channel Options & Features

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How to turn on/off Channel Options, Features & Settings

Syntax: SET option channel parameters
Allows the channel founder to set various channel options and other information.

Available options:

SET AUTOOP Should services automatically give status to users
SET BANTYPE Set how Services make bans on the channel
SET DESCRIPTION Set the channel description
SET EMAIL Associate an E-mail address with the channel
SET FOUNDER Set the founder of a channel
SET JOINFLOOD Enables a join flood protection of allowing registered users only
SET KEEPMODES Retain modes when channel is not in use
SET KEEPTOPIC Retain topic when channel is not in use
SET PEACE Regulate the use of critical commands
SET PERSIST Set the channel as permanent
SET PRIVATE Hide channel from the LIST command
SET RESTRICTED Restrict access to the channel
SET SECURE Activate security features
SET SECUREFOUNDER Stricter control of channel founder status
SET SECUREOPS Stricter control of chanop status
SET SIGNKICK Sign kicks that are done with the KICK command
SET SUCCESSOR Set the successor for a channel
SET TOPICHISTORY Enables topic history (list and set previous topics)
SET URL Associate a URL with the channel
Type /msg ChanServ HELP SET option for more information on a particular option.
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