ChanServ UNBAN

Tells ChanServ to remove all bans preventing you or the given user from entering the given channel. If no channel is given...

ChanServ SYNC

Syncs all modes set on users on the channel with the modes they should have based on their access.


This command tells you what a users access is on a channel and what access entries, if any, they match. Additionally it will tell you of any auto kick entries they match...

ChanServ SET

Allows the channel founder to set various channel options and other information.


Registers a channel in the ChanServ database. In order to use this command, you must first be a channel operator on the channel you're trying to register...

ChanServ MUTE

Mutes (quiets) a given nick or mask on a channel, preventing them from speaking in the channel. An optional expiry may be given to cause services to remove the mute after a set amount of time.