Configuring Irssi for SASL

Configuring Irssi for SASL The setup for SASL on Irssi differs depending on the version you have (you can find out by running irssi -v in your nearest shell). Irssi 1.2.1 or later Recent Irssi versions include built-in SASL support via /network: /network add -sasl_username <login> -sasl_password <password> -sasl_mechanism PLAIN IRC4Fun /server add -auto -net IRC4Fun -tls -tls_verify 6697 /save Troubleshooting To check that the setting was correct, run /network and confirm that the IRC4Fun entry looks like this: IRC4Fun: sasl_mechanism: plain, sasl_username: MyNickname, sasl_password: (pass) All three items (mechanism, username, and password) must be set.
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