We’ve released our first YouTube video!

We’ve released our first YouTube video; a Tutorial and Guide to IRC We’re excited to announce that we’ve released our first IRC4Fun YouTube video that explains what IRC is, how to get on IRC, how to do things on IRC, what is X or CService, IRC rumors, and more! If

Add WebChat, Links, Buttons to your site!

Adding Web Chat to your site, or links, etc.  is now even easier! We’ve unveiled a new page for Channel Founders or users to use to be able to implant Web Chat iframes, buttons, text-links and more; to be able to use on their own websites to generate more users

Need Help?

   We’ve had a lot of new clients on IRC4Fun recently (some completely new to IRC) and wanted to let you know: We’re here for you.  If you need help/support, you can ask in #IRC4Fun or open a [af_link id=”4262″ target=”_blank”]IRC4Fun HelpDesk[/af_link] (that is usually responded to within 24 hours if not

Happy 8th Birthday, IRC4Fun!

We would like to take the moment to thank all IRC4Fun users for their loyalty.  As of today, IRC4Fun is now 8 years old! Thank You to ALL of our loyal IRC4Fun clients!  We’d be a boring network without you! 🙂   Here’s a flashback to some old IRC4Fun logos: