CService Password Requirements – update

CService, Network
CService (X) Account Password Requirements (update) The IRC4Fun Channel Service Committee (CService) has updated the password requirements for accounts today. Going forward, passwords will still require 7 characters (1 Capital letter minimum, 1 lowercase letter minimum, 1 number minimum) but will no longer require a symbol.  This will help to alleviate confusion with users upon registration as well as alleviate the amount of forgotten passwords & password resets.  Users who prefer to have a symbol or symbols in their passwords can still do so. New Password Requirements: Must contain at least 7 characters. Must contain at least 1 Capitalized letter. Must contain at least 1 lowercase letter. Must contain at least 1 number.
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IRC4Fun Servers & SSL Connections

IRCd, Network, Routing
IRC4Fun Servers & SSL Connections (enhancement) We have started maintenance on various IRC4Fun IRC servers to enhance our SSL connections.  We are getting rid of our self-signed certificates and will be using valid certificates from Let's Encrypt.  This will provide better security to our users and their IRC clients. Servers currently upgraded with valid certs: (Round Robin) ssl.IRC4Fun.net (Australia) kangaroo.IRC4Fun.net (Canada) apocalypse.IRC4Fun.net (London) applied.IRC4Fun.net (Netherlands) blackhole.IRC4Fun.net (Canada) coven.IRC4Fun.net Please see #IRC4Fun if you have any questions or concerns.
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