NEW: Services Web Interface is LIVE

NEW: Services Web Panel (Interface)

We’re excited to announce that our Services Web Panel (also referred to as the Services Web Interface) is now LIVE and available for IRC4Fun users, as well as for new users.


  • This will allow users who are already registered with IRC4Fun Services to login and manage their Nicknames, Channels, Memos and more!
  • This will also allow new users to easily register a Nickname (account) before going onto IRC4Fun.

(Useful for users who would like their hostnames/IP’s cloaked upon connection, and in case your Internet Service Provider is GA-Lined and can only access IRC4Fun by connecting with SASL Authentication.)


  • Nickname Management
    • Manage your Nickname, settings, and more!
    • Manage your SSL Certificates (used with CertFP)
    • Manage your Access Lists (user@hostmasks allowed to use your Nickname even without identifying with a password — Password Identification is still required to gain any access to channels, memos, etc.  This access list just allows your added (or known) user@host connections to use your nickname without it being forcibly changed to User#####)
    • Manage & View your AList (Access in Channels, if any)
  • Channel Management
    • Manage your Channels, settings, and more!
    • Manage your Access lists (XOP, Flags or Access)
    • Manage your AKICK (auto-kickban) lists
    • Drop channels (that you are Founder of)
  • Memo Management
    • Manage (read/reply/delete) your Memos
    • Manage (read/reply/delete) your Channel’s Memos (that you have access to)
  • New Users

If you need any assistance with the new Services Web Panel, please join #Help or #IRC4Fun.