New Services Guides

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New Services Guides We've added a lot of new documentation to our Knowledge Base, as well as Services Commands guides for ChanServ, NickServ & MemoServ.  We'll be continuing to add guides for BotServ and HostServ in the coming days. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to ask in #Help or #IRC4Fun.  
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TOR is now allowed on IRC4Fun!

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We're excited to announce that users may now connect to IRC4Fun using TOR (with SASL Authentication)! You will need to configure your IRC Client to use an SSL port (6697) as well as SASL Authentication. You will need to connect to IRC4Fun (not using TOR) to register your Nickname (account) with NickServ. You will need to use the NickServ CONFIRM command to verify your email address before you can use SASL Authentication. Channel Operator FAQs Q: How do I mute TOR users in my channel? A: You can type: /MODE #channel +b m:n:TOR Q: How do I ban TOR users from my channel? A: You can type: /MODE #channel +b n:TOR Q: Can I ban individual TOR users from my channel, instead of all TOR users? A: Yes. You can…
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NEW: Services Web Interface is LIVE

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NEW: Services Web Panel (Interface) We're excited to announce that our Services Web Panel (also referred to as the Services Web Interface) is now LIVE and available for IRC4Fun users, as well as for new users. Benefits This will allow users who are already registered with IRC4Fun Services to login and manage their Nicknames, Channels, Memos and more! This will also allow new users to easily register a Nickname (account) before going onto IRC4Fun. (Useful for users who would like their hostnames/IP's cloaked upon connection, and in case your Internet Service Provider is GA-Lined and can only access IRC4Fun by connecting with SASL Authentication.) Features Nickname Management Manage your Nickname, settings, and more! Manage your SSL Certificates (used with CertFP) Manage your Access Lists (user@hostmasks allowed to use your Nickname…
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Services Email Update

Services Email Update We've made some improvements to our Services Emails capabilities and configurations, and now IRC4Fun Services' emails should arrive to your Inbox instead of your Junk/Spam folder! Services Emails will arrive from services @ going forward. Thank you for using IRC4Fun!
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Server & Services Changes

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Coming Soon: Server & Services Changes [wp-svg-icons icon="checkmark" wrap="i"] Changes completed - see our newest post for more information. IRC Server changes We will be changing our IRCd software from Nefarious IRCu to InspIRCd 3.*.  This will allow us to not only continue to provide an optimal IRC experience and home to our channels & users, but will also allow us to add new enhancements to the network (such as new features, IRCv3, SASL, new modes, etc.) IRC Services changes We will also be moving over to Anope IRC Services in order to provide Nickname Registration, Channel Registrations, Memos, etc.  We chose Anope because of it's enhanced features and compatibility with the new InspIRCd3 servers. Nicknames & Accounts- With our new services providing Nickname Registration, nicknames are registered on a first-come,…
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