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Enforce various channel modes and set options. The channel option indicates what channel to enforce the modes and options on. The what option indicates what modes and options to enforce, and can be any of SECUREOPS, RESTRICTED, REGONLY, SSLONLY, BANS, or LIMIT.

  • Use SECUREOPS to enforce the SECUREOPS option, even if it is not enabled.
  • Use RESTRICTED to enforce the RESTRICTED option, also if it’s not enabled.
  • Use REGONLY to kick all unregistered users from the channel.
  • Use SSLONLY to kick all users not using a secure connection from the channel.
  • BANS will enforce bans on the channel by kicking users affected by them
  • LIMIT will kick users until the user count drops below the channel limit, if one is set.


/CS enforce channel what


/msg ChanServ ENFORCE BANS

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