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ChanServ FLAGS

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flags is another way to modify the channel access list, similar to the XOP and ACCESS methods.

The MODIFY command allows you to modify the access list. If mask is not already on the access list is it added, then the changes are applied. If the mask has no more flags, then the mask is removed from the access list. Additionally, you may use +* or -* to add or remove all flags, respectively. You are only able to modify the access list if you have the proper permission on the channel, and even then you can only give other people access to up what you already have.

The LIST command allows you to list existing entries on the channel access list. If a mask is given, the mask is wildcard matched against all existing entries on the access list, and only those entries are returned. If a set of flags is given, only those on the access list with the specified flags are returned.

The CLEAR command clears the channel access list, which requires channel founder.

The available flags are:

A - Automatic protect upon join 
a - Allowed to (de)protect users 
a - Allowed to (de)protect him/herself 
b - Allowed to ban users 
B - Allowed to use SAY and ACT commands 
c - Allowed to use fantasy commands 
f - Allowed to modify the access list 
f - Allowed to view the access list 
F - Allowed to issue commands restricted to channel founders 
G - Allowed to use GETKEY command 
g - Greet message displayed on join 
H - Automatic halfop upon join 
h - Allowed to (de)halfop users 
h - Allowed to (de)halfop him/herself 
I - Allowed to get full INFO output 
i - Allowed to use the INVITE command 
K - Allowed to use the AKICK command 
K - Allowed to modify channel badwords list 
k - Allowed to use the KICK command 
K - No signed kick when SIGNKICK LEVEL is used 
m - Allowed to read channel memos 
N - Prevents users being kicked by Services 
O - Automatic channel operator status upon join 
o - Allowed to (de)op users 
o - Allowed to (de)op him/herself 
Q - Automatic owner upon join 
q - Allowed to (de)owner users 
q - Allowed to (de)owner him/herself 
s - Allowed to assign/unassign a bot 
s - Allowed to use the MODE command 
s - Allowed to set channel settings 
t - Allowed to change channel topics 
u - Allowed to unban users 
V - Automatic voice on join 
v - Allowed to (de)voice users


/CS FLAGS channel MODIFY mask changes
/CS FLAGS channel LIST [mask or +flags]


/msg ChanServ FLAGS #myChannel MODIFY *!Fred@* +Vv

/msg ChanServ FLAGS #myChannel LIST

/msg ChanServ FLAGS CLEAR

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