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#Politics Channel Rules

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#Politics – Channel Rules

In order to maintain a civil experience for everyone; there are channel rules for #Politics.  Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, however, that does not allow one’s beliefs/opinions to justify making others’ uncomfortable.  Please refer to the #Politics channel rules, as listed below:


 How to treat others

  • Please treat other users as you would want to be treated.
  • Trolling or Harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Make friends — we’re a friendly bunch and we enjoy quality users over the quantity of users.
  • If you’re upsetting someone; stop it. (Or we may stop it, for you.)

 Politics / Religious Discussions

  • Political discussions should maintain civility.
  • Please remember to respect Freedom of Religionas the Constitution was meant to.
  • Political discussions can become very heated, especially after recent years.  If the discussion is becoming too heated, involved parties should try to collect themselves and not escalate to trolling or personal attacks.

 Obvious DON’T DO’s

  • No unsolicited advertisements for other IRC networks, websites, or online services; unless it is relevant to the conversation at hand.
  • No mass-highlighting nicknames, or mass-messaging users without permission.
  • Do NOT give out Personal Information such as phone numbers, addresses, or other personally identifiable information in the channel.  You probably should not do this in private, either — unless you are absolutely sure that you know and trust who you’re giving the information to.
  • Do not intentionally troll or harass users.
  • Do not have a bad attitude or outlook.

In some cases where a user’s connection is unstable, a Channel Operator (or bot) may issue a temporary channel ban.  This allows the user to troubleshoot their client or connection problem and fix it, while not screen-flooding everyone else in the channel.

Users banned due to unstable connections may contact a Channel Op from #Politics for an unban upon fixing the problem, or may contact Help @ to request the ban be lifted.

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