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How to Add/Remove Access for users in ChanServ

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How to Add or Remove ACCESS for users in ChanServ

IRC4Fun’s Services offer several ways to manage access lists for it’s channels.  Users are welcome to use the method that they are most comfortable with — see below:

A) XOP Commands (such as VOP, AOP, SOP, QOP)

The XOP commands are typically the easiest (and most understood) ways of managing the channel’s access list with ChanServ.

  • XOP Levels:
  • VOP – AutoVoice user
  • AOP – AutoOp user
  • SOP – SuperOp user
  • QOP – Grants nearly all privileges of a Founder

Adding a user to the VOP/AOP/SOP/QOP lists

Type: /CS VOP #MyChannel ADD Nickname  — You may also add hostmasks to the XOP lists, however this is NOT recommended (especially to QOP list)

Type: /CS VOP #MyChannel ADD *!*user@host

Deleting a user from the VOP/AOP/SOP/QOP lists

Type: /CS VOP #MyChannel DEL Nickname

Type: /CS VOP #MyChannel DEL *!*user@host


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