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How do I LOCK certain channel modes?

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Using ChanServ to LOCK channel MODEs

Syntax: /CS MODE channel LOCK {ADD|DEL|SET|LIST} [what]
/CS MODE channel SET modes
/CS MODE channel CLEAR [what]
Controls mode locks and mode access (which is different from channel access) on a channel.
The MODE LOCK command allows you to add, delete, and view mode locks on a channel.
If a mode is locked on or off, services will not allow that mode to be changed. The SET command will clear all existing mode locks and set the new one given, while ADD and DEL modify the existing mode lock.
/CS MODE #channel LOCK ADD +bmnt *!*@*aol*
The MODE SET command allows you to set modes through services. Wildcards * and ? may be given as parameters for list and status modes.
/CS MODE #channel SET +v *
Sets voice status to all users in the channel.
/CS MODE #channel SET -b ~c:*
Clears all extended bans that start with ~c:
The MODE CLEAR command is an easy way to clear modes on a channel. what may be any mode name. Examples include bans, excepts, inviteoverrides, ops, halfops, and voices. If what is not given then all basic modes are removed.
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