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How can I find a list of channels to chat in?

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How to find channels using /LIST

You can search the network’s list of channels with the /LIST command:

Doing a broad search: /LIST

A more specific search: /LIST *chat*

How to find channels using ChanServ’s LIST command

You can also search with ChanServ’s LIST command, with similar syntax — but results will only include registered channels that are not set as PRIVATE.

ChanServ will provide up to 50 matches. Use: /CS LIST *pattern*

If your search criteria exceeds 50 matches: To continue onto the next 50; use /CS LIST *pattern* #51-100

How to find channels using our website live list

You can also browse a live list of IRC4Fun Channels & Stats by visiting

This list will allow you to click a #ChannelName to open a webchat.  (Secret [+s] channels are excluded from the list)

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