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How can I stop a user from bothering me?

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How can I stop a user from bothering me?

If someone is bothering you, we generally recommend that you /IGNORE them.  Most IRC clients do have an “ignore-system” built in, that provides the /IGNORE command.  In some clients or web-chat clients, the ignore system is missing — however IRC4Fun does provide a server-side /SILENCE command.

You can also use various User Modes which may be helpful.

Using the IGNORE command:

/ignore nickname!*some@hostmask

The ignore system does not stop the user from sending you messages, but your IRC client (if it supports IGNORE) will block them from being displayed to you.

Using the SILENCE command:

/silence +nickname!*some@hostmask

The silence system will block messages from the matching user from being sent to your IRC or web-chat client — however, the entries in your /SILENCE list will clear upon disconnection or reconnection.

User Modes that are helpful to prevent spam/annoyances:

User Mode: R – Only Registered (& Identified) users may contact you-

Usermode +R prevents any /msg‘s or /notice‘s from users who are not registered (or identified) to a services account.  This is extremely useful to avoid spambot messages, as most spambots are unable to complete their registration confirmation.

User Mode: g – CallerID-

Usermode +g allows you to maintain a whitelist of users who may send you /msg‘s or /notice‘s.  After setting +g (Type: /mode MyNick +g), to allow a user to interact with you; you can use /ACCEPT +Nickname  To remove someone from your whitelist; you can use /ACCEPT -Nickname  To see a list of users on your whitelist: /ACCEPT *

*Please note: You will need to reset this usermode each time you connect to IRC4Fun, or have NickServ re-set them upon you each time you re-connect and identify to Services.  (To turn on this ability through NickServ, please type: /NS SET KEEPMODES ON)

**Whitelist(s) are cleared upon disconnection.  Upon reconnecting and resetting the CallerID usermode, your whitelist will be empty until new /ACCEPT +Nick‘s are added.

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