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IRC4Fun Routing

Welcome to the IRC4Fun Routing Committee.  The IRC4Fun Routing Committee is comprised of IRC4Fun Administrators and UIN Administrators.

* Routing Applications:

Vote Weights

Each IRC4Fun Server Administrator will have a weight of the amount of linked resources, servers or services.  If an Administrator has 3 linked servers, services, or vital resources; they will have a voting “weight” of 3.  If an Administrator has 4 linked servers, services, or vital resources; they will have a voting “weight” of 4.

Administrator: Weight/Resources:
cna_ 2
giggsey 1
siniStar 7
tabb 4

CFVs (Call For Votes)

A CFV (also known as a “Call For Vote”) may be launched in situations where a disagreement of a linked server or operations practices, abuse reports, etc.  In the event of a CFV, voting weights will be applied.

Recent CFVs:

  • 07/29/2018 CFV: Delink nemesis.* due to l0gic’s increasingly bad attitude and lack of any help during spambot attacks. (YES: 9/11, NO: 0/11, NOVOTE: 2/11 [CFV Passed])


Server Name / REF.ID: Administrator, Opers: Status:


epsilon.IRC4Fun.net (#001EU2019) tabb Delinked 2/21/2020
Sponsor has discontinued the service.
Gaga.IRC4Fun.net (#000000000) siniStar, Amelody Name changed to coven.IRC4Fun.net 12/10/2019
Coven.IRC4Fun.net (#002US2018) siniStar, Amelody, katsklaw Delinked 12/09/2019
Sponsor has discontinued the service.
illusion.IRC4Fun.net (#000000000) siniStar, Amelody Name changed to apocalypse.IRC4Fun.net 11/25/2019
kingdom.IRC4Fun.net (#001UK2018) tabb Delinked 10/11/2019
Delinked due to lack of stability.
tesla.IRC4Fun.net (#003US2019) tabb Delinked 08/19/2019
Delinked due to lack of stability.
tesla.IRC4Fun.net (#003US2019) tabb Granted Full Link 05/21/2019
tesla.IRC4Fun.net (#003US2019) tabb Entered Testlink 04/21/2019
enode.IRC4Fun.net (#002EU2019) cna_ Granted Full Link 04/02/2019
utopia.IRC4Fun.net (#002US2019) tabb, mH, TBNK420, man-d Granted Full Link 04/02/2019
Grumpy.IRC4Fun.net (#001US2019) TBNK420, mH Failed Testlink 03/18/2019
Comments: Server split and Staff moved to different servers.
enode.IRC4Fun.net (#002EU2019) cna_ Entered Testlink 03/02/2019
utopia.IRC4Fun.net (#002US2019) tabb Entered Testlink 03/01/2019
Grumpy.IRC4Fun.net (#001US2019) TBNK420, mH Entered Testlink 02/26/2019
obscur.IRC4Fun.net (#002EU2018) tabb Delinked 02/23/2019
Replacing Server
epsilon.IRC4Fun.net (#001EU2019) tabb, man-d, mH, TBNK420 Granted Full Link 02/12/2019
epsilon.IRC4Fun.net (#001EU2019) tabb Entered Testlink 01/13/2019
o3.IRC4Fun.net (#001FR2017) siniStar Delinked 12/25/2018
Server Retired
kingdom.IRC4Fun.net (#001UK2018) tabb, man-d, mH, TBNK420 Granted Full Link 12/11/2018
obscur.IRC4Fun.net (#002EU2018) tabb Granted Full Link 11/29/2018
kingdom.IRC4Fun.net (#001UK2018) tabb Entered Testlink 11/11/2018
obscur.IRC4Fun.net (#002EU2018) tabb Entered Testlink 10/31/2018
epsilon.IRC4Fun.net (#001EU2018) tabb Delinked 10/31/2018
Replacing Server
epsilon.IRC4Fun.net (#001EU2018) tabb Granted Full Link 09/29/2018
Coven.IRC4Fun.net (#002US2018) siniStar Granted Full Link 09/26/2018
epsilon.IRC4Fun.net (#001EU2018) tabb Entered Testlink 08/30/2018
Coven.IRC4Fun.net (#002US2018) siniStar Entered Testlink 08/27/2018
irc-chat.irc4fun.net (#001US2018) EagleFox Failed Testlink 08/08/2018
Comments: Server split and Admin went MIA as of the same day.
nemesis.irc4fun.net l0gic CFV Delinked 07/29/2018
CFV Delink Details: YES: 9/11 NO: 0/11 NOVOTE: 2/11 – [CFV Passed]
irc-chat.irc4fun.net (#001US2018) EagleFox Entered Testlink 07/20/2018

Recent News

Follow the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on IRC4Fun (March 21, 2020)
We have setup a channel, #Coronavirus, for users to keep up to date with on-going news, statistics and case numbers. [Read more]
epsilon.* delinked (February 21, 2020)
We're sad to announce that epsilon.* has been delinked... [Read more]
Celebrate New Years in #2020 (December 29, 2019)
We'll be holding a New Years celebration event in #2020 while counting down - and you're invited to join! [Read more]
Gaga.IRC4Fun.net is now coven.IRC4Fun.net (December 10, 2019)
The client server illusion.IRC4Fun.net is now known as apocalypse.IRC4Fun.net. Using the old server address (Gaga.IRC4Fun.net) will continue (temporarily) to redirect you to the new server's address. Please check your IRC clients and ensure that they are connecting to the new address OR irc.IRC4Fun.net. [Read more]
IRC4Fun has a new website! (November 30, 2019)
Due to issues with our old website CMS, we've decided to redesign and re-write the IRC4Fun website so that it is easier to use, navigate and quickly find what you're looking for. We hope you enjoy the new site! [Read more]
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