IRC4Fun celebrates 15 years on October 20th

General, Network
IRC4Fun is excited to celebrate 15 years of operation on October 20th, 2022!  We'll be celebrating in #IRC4Fun and giving out special 15th Celebration cloaks (vhosts) to registered users who ask for them; on Thursday October 20th, 2022.  (Example: JoeBob requests the celebration cloak and would receive one as: users/15-celeb/JoeBob) We hope to see you there! You can reach us at on port 6697 (SSL) or port 6667 (Plaintext).
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Services Web Panel has been disabled & removed

General, Services, Website
Services Web Panel News The IRC4Fun Services Web Panel (used by users to register & manage their nicknames and channels) has been disabled during a series of spambot attacks.  The spambots used the Web Panel to register nicknames in mass with fake email addresses. We've previously added anti-bot measures to the registration form, used by the Services Web Panel -- however, it was only effective 45% of the time. It has been decided that the Services Web Panel will not return, since it was just primarily used by the spambots.
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